Today’s Menu: Storing Your Jewelry

I make a lot of jewelry so I end up having a tough time finding a place to put it all. Over on my main blog I posted a some Simple DIY ideas for storing your jewelry. Tell me what you think.

Oh, on a side note, I have A LOT for posts coming soon, I’ve been working on some more unusual pieces.

Thats all for now,

-Madeline Claire


Today’s Menu: Under the Sea

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Materials: 17 inch chain, clasp, jump rings, headpins, 22 gauge wire, charm, and 3 glass beads

  I may have gone a bit over board with these “charming” necklaces but didn’t they come out cute? This necklace is made the same way as the Hungry Hungry Hippo necklace and the Autumn leaves earring. I have a few more charm necklaces I whipped up last night  so stay tuned for more.

-Maddie Mudpie

Today’s Menu: Hungry Hungry Hippo

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Materials: 18 inch chain, clasp, jump rings, headpins, 22 gauge wire, charm, and 3 glass beads

I love the idea of a charm bracelet but when I think of charm bracelets I think of those “best” and “friends” bracelets with random charms of shoes and flowers. I wanted something more mature, more whimsical and well- more charming. Making charm necklaces was my solution. This particular necklace  is a gift for a friend who happened to pick out this hippo charm a few months ago as a joke. For the most part I plan on making all the gifts for my friends this year for Christmas. To me, home-made gifts are just more special than the ones bought at stores so I plan to make necklaces for everyone. 🙂

This necklace is super easy to make, you just need to know who to use jewelry pliers and be able to use headpins, jump rings and wire. If anyone wants some more detailed directions just comment this post.What are others doing for the Holidays?

More “charming” necklaces to come in the next few days.

-Maddie Mudpie

Today’s Menu: Copper & Cranberries

madeline4 008madeline4 010madeline4 017madeline4 019

Materials: 4 lager glass beads, 6 smaller crystals, copper earwires, copper wire, and 12 iches of copper chain

Preparation: 20 minutes

Yet again, I have been working with copper and this cranberry/topaz color sceme. These earring go with my “slice” necklace I posted a while back. I love the lengh of them and they fall. Sick of copper yet?

-Maddie Mudpie

Today’s Menu: Autumn Leaves

madeline4 027madeline4 028madeline4 030madeline4 032

Preparation Time: Half hour

Materials: copper earring hooks, copper chain, 2copper headpins, copper wire, 4 glass leaves, 2 crystals

I’m not quite sure why but lately all the jewelry I make seems to be made of copper, I think it’s because I love the color of copper for the fall. These little leaf earrings are adorable for fall, if I do say so myself. They were super easy to make and came out well.

-Maddie Mudpie

Today’s Menu: No Fangs About it

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Total Preparation time: 15 minutes tops.

Materials- four bone rectangle beads, two shell beads, 22 gauge wire, chain, and pliers.

This necklace is one of my slight indulgences, anything vampire is my one of my guilty pleasures. Okay, okay; let me rephrase, vampires are my current obsession but lately it seems kind of cool to love vampires so why not show off my fanatic tendency and showcase my love with a piece of jewelry. This necklace was super easy to make, hope you enjoy.

-Maddie Mudpie

Today’s menu: A slice of sky pie with a copper crust

jewelry 004jewelry 007jewelry 011jewelry 014ghfdhjf 018ghfdhjf 015necklacehdfgfjdkhkljf 036

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Materials: chain, 22 gauge wire, 6 or 8 of larger glass bead (depending on the desired size of necklace), 5 or 7 smaller crystal, 5 or 7 headpins, 2 split rings and a clasp

Lately, I have been loving the look pf copper metal with glass beads.This “slice” is a current favorite, I love the look these necklaces give to an outfit. I really am satisfied with how this necklace came out and cannot wait to try out even more color combinations.

What do you think?

-Maddie Mudpie